About Ichor

Ichor Restaurant Group is a team of motivated individuals who are passionate about food and hospitality. We imagine, develop and support the industry’s most creative restaurant concepts. We do not allow shortcuts that will compromise our values or the quality of our product. Building strong, memorable brands is our goal. Working together with our franchisees, we are fully committed to helping them meet their goals.


Ichor has a straight-forward recipe for success:

  1. One part inspiration. Our first concept was inspired by travels through the Carolinas and visits to the plethora of roadside shacks serving great barbecue. Our second was developed after we were asked to cater a hamburger and hot dog picnic for 350 people. We set out on one great road trip across the USA and brought regional flavors back to eliminate burger boredom. Our challenge was to not only replicate the authentic food of those regions but to match the feeling you get when being there. A visit to an Old Carolina Barbecue Company or a Smoke the Burger Joint is an experience. Our attention to the details of the food and the vibe makes for successful brands. 

  2. One part extraordinary food. When we launch any concept, the foundation has to be extraordinary food. Not "good" food. Good is being done all over the country. Good can be replicated. Extraordinary is something a consumer wants to eat again. It's an experience they want to tell someone about. In our ridiculously connected society, an Ichor dining experience can create instant social media buzz with a simple "OMG!" The Ichor team develops methods to maintain our high-quality culinary standards with a high level of consistency in a fast-casual operation. No matter the niche (barbecue or burgers), Ichor's fast-casual food will stand up to any other concept in the country, from QSR through fine dining. 

  3. One part genuine hospitality. People often ask how we train our team members to be so friendly. The truth is we don't. We discovered early on that you can't teach someone to be "genuinely nice." You have to hire it. So we focus our efforts on training General Managers to find employees with four important traits: good work ethic, empathetic, genuinely nice and most importantly, smiles easily. We're not looking for resumes filled with restaurant experience. We can teach anyone the tasks of the operation. Ichor Restaurant Group employees are good-valued people who appreciate an environment where their hard work is recognized and rewarded.