Old Carolina Barbecue Company

Join the Fast Casual Barbecue Revolution

Founded in 2003 as a competition barbecue team, Old Carolina has been on the winning track for more than 10 years. Using the regional barbecue circuit to amass a loyal fan base and over 125 awards to date, Old Carolina began opening corporate restaurants in 2006 and franchising in 2012. Guests enjoy the slow-smoked taste of competition-quality barbecue served in the fast-casual format for lunch and dinner seven days a week. 


Slow Smoked Success

The key to Old Carolina's success is an uncompromising dedication to quality. All meats are cooked on-site with hickory wood in Southern Pride smokers. Twelve hours for pulled pork. Ten hours for brisket. Four and a half hours for ribs. Each item is hand pulled or sliced to order. Sauces are served on the side from a self-serve sauce bar that features five regional barbecue sauces. These sauces communicate the storied tradition of Carolina barbecue.

Reasons to invest:

  • Low investment cost and high sales to investment ratio
    The cost to open an in-line Old Carolina ranges from $301k-$675k. Many casual dining operations can cost $1 million or more to build-out. Our high Average Unit Volume makes for a favorable sales-to-investment ratio.    
  • Multiple revenue streams - dine-in, carry-out, catering and vending
    Traditional dine-in and carry-out sales are supplemented with pick-up catering, delivered catering and full-service catering operations. Additionally, local community events are perfect places for vending and double as a great way to advertise your business!
  • Proven catering success
    Barbecue's long heritage makes it the perfect communal experience. Guests rave about the unmistakable taste of Old Carolina...hosts become heros...and that means year-round opportunities for private and corporate events to keep the revenue flowing for Old Carolina operators. 
  • Quality of life - 9:00 pm closing time and holiday closures eliminate extreme hours and attract high-quality staff
    Old Carolina units close by 9:00 pm each day and observe major holidays. This is not only a benefit to the franchise owner, but also helps attract high-quality General Manager candidates looking to escape the wear and tear of late night casual dining hours. 


Learn more about Old Carolina Barbecue Company by visiting our website oldcarolina.com