Smoke the Burger Joint

We're Smoking the Fast Casual Burger Competition

Our Roadtrip burgers start with a custom blend of Angus beef, slow-smoked with real hickory wood, then piled with creative, regional flavors from across the country. Quality and ingenuity have always been central to the way things are done at Smoke. We are committed to creating an unbelievable menu of recipes consisting of truly unique flavor combinations, with the goal of eliminating burger boredom. 


A 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 winner at the National Hamburger Festival, Smoke burgers capture the void between the so-called better-burger segment and high-priced, chef-driven gourmet burger bars.


Reasons to invest:

  • Low investment cost and simple operation
    The cost to open an in-line Smoke the Burger Joint ranges from $203k-$387k. Many casual dining operations can cost $1 million or more to build-out. 
  • Truly unique food concept with customer-driven menu development with constant innovation
    The quest to create the freshest take on American classics is never over. Smoke's menu is customer-driven with constant innovation through frequent test menu items. 

  • Quality of life - 9:00 pm closing time and holiday closures eliminate extreme hours and attract high-quality staff
    Smoke units close by 9:00 pm each day and observe major holidays. This is not only a benefit to the franchise owner, but also helps attract high-quality General Manager candidates looking to escape the wear and tear of late night casual dining hours. 

  • Variety of burgers inspired by fabulous flavors from around the country.
    Your guests will experience a burger unique to Smoke. Quality and creativity are delivered daily at Smoke the Burger Joint. As tastes change, we change.




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